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Software that's hard to wear


Welcome to the Poder Consultancy front page. This site includes details about the company, current work projects, development partners, how we may help you company as well as some information about myself.

Please feel free to browse the different areas, and if you need additional information or have general comments about the page, please send an email to the address listed below.

This page is currently under development, so there will be flaws and areas which may not meet the aesthetic standard of neither the designer nor the viewer. These flaws will be fixed over time, as it is the belief of the designer that the work projects and the functionality of the page takes precedence over aesthetics; hopefully you have similar beliefs.

Last updated January 19, 2008

HEJ! Our employees are DAM happy to help you Gnaw through any technical problem; be it soft or hard wood… I mean ware!

To contact us:

Bøjstrupvej 14
8550 Ryomgård

Phone: +45 86 29 87 99
Cell: +45 20 40 87 99
E-mail: ahp@eose.dk